Socially Responsible Computing (Head TA), May 2019-May 2020. I pioneered our SRC TA program, which embeds relevant ethics & society content in the core content of individual CS courses. I was one of two Head STAs when the program began summer 2019 with five classes participating in the program for fall 2019; the program doubled in spring 2020 with 20+ STA hires in ten participating courses. I wrote a reflection on the program’s first year here.

CS1420 Machine Learning (Head TA), Spring 2020. Tried to manage the chaos of early pandemic with inimitable co-HTAs Angie Kim and Dylan Sam.

CS1470/2470 Deep Learning (Undergraduate TA & SRC TA), Fall 2019. I wrote a Language Debiasing Lab with my co-STA Hal, and made a lot of lecture slides.

CS0160 Data Structures & Algorithms (Undergraduate TA), Spring 2019.